July 21, 2015

California Wildfires are back!

Every year it seems we kick off Wildfire season with a horrific event and this year is no different. After the Fire of last week and scenes of burned out vehicles on the 15, now strong winds and heavy rain have caused damage to properties in Ramona, Perris, Moreno Valley and surrounding areas. The current drought conditions seem to be in contrast with the heavy rain we have experienced but be assured that even with last weekends storms and the prediction of El Nino conditions this winter, we need to be extra cautious about protecting our property.  Here is a list of items you can perform on your property to help prevent a loss.


  • Contact your nearest local fire department and ask about the local fire danger levels in your area.
  • Create a defensible space around your home. Defensible space is the 100 foot radius zone around your property. Trim back all trees or branches that hang over or touch your roof. Keep plants and trees trimmed and remove all dry branches, bushes, shrubs and vegetation. Did you know that some plants are more fire resistant than others? (Learn more about that here.)
  • Keep all flammable materials at least 50 feet away from your home. These items include firewood, paint cans, propane tanks and debris.
  • If your home has a wood roof, consider replacing it with ignition resistant roofing materials.
  • If the exterior of your home is made of wood siding or other combustible home siding, consider replacing it with fire-resistant materials such as stucco, brick, fiber-cement or wood products factory-treated with fire retardant.
  • Inspect your home (including decks) for any signs of dry rot and repair these areas. Decaying wood is very flammable.
  • Review your home insurance policy. Do you have enough coverage? Every year, the cost to rebuild a home can change. Maybe you’ve made some upgrades that your current home policy doesn’t cover? The cost of labor and materials may have increased since your last policy review.

Of course, always feel free to call us for further tips, information or analysis of your property at any time.